Corporate Advisory Services

GBCM is one of the most active players in rendering corporate advisory services. The services rendered by GBCM can be broadly categories into Advisory Services and Fund Raising. The client profile of GBCM for its corporate advisory services comprise of some of prestigious names across various segments of the business such as banking (conventional and Islamic), leasing, insurance, industrial, real estate and others. GBCM has successfully concluded numerous significant deals and fund-raising mandates meeting the client requirements and maintaining high professional standards and expertise paving way for positioning itself to be leading provider of advisory services. The high quality of services and client satisfaction and repeat mandates stands testimony to the credentials of GBCM for its advisory services.

Advisory services

  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Corporate and financial restructuring
  • Business valuations and pricing strategy
  • Mergers , acquisitions and divestments
  • Partner search, joint ventures and cross border investments
  • Other specialised advisory services tailored to client requirements

Fund Raising.

  • Fund raising for leading corporates in Oman and the rest of GCC for existing corporates and new ventures
  • Advising and enabling raising funds through different avenues such as Initial Public Offerings, Private Placements and Rights Issues
  • Assisting corporates in creating, structuring and implementing different instruments of fund-raising such as Plain Equity, Non-Convertible Bonds, Convertible Bonds and other blended instruments

Corporate Advisory Services :

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