International Brokerage Services

Gulf Baader Capital Markets SAOC (GBCM) decided to be a global service provider in the year 2013 and has been consistently adding global Markets to its array of services offered to its clients.

GBCM has execution arrangements in place for all GCC markets. Apart from GCC, GBCM currently offers US, Europe and other Emerging Markets to its clients.

GBCM also specializes in providing its clients with products and services in Fixed Income markets across the GCC, US & Europe region. GBCM has state of the art infrastructure including Bloomberg and Reuters terminals for order placement and confirmation.

GBCM operates through Oman for all these markets and maintains multiple relationships with renowned brokers across all offered markets to follow best execution practice. We maintain a healthy network with our relationships across all markets and use their network and market knowledge to serve our clients in a better way. GBCM also plans to have its own research capabilities for the GCC markets in the year 2019.

International Brokerage :

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